Creating a Sensory-Friendly Learning Environment with Elise Spronk

Help your students be the best they can be when it comes to learning
Elise Spronk

Wed, Aug 10th @ 9AM

via Zoom Call
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Real Solutions for Helping Children Succeed
    Learn helpful tips to create the best learning environment that you can for your students. Occupational Therapist, Elise Spronk, will discusses some sensory processing challenges that can affect students and how you may be able to help.

"We started occupational therapy with Elise and her staff 8-10 weeks ago. It has been life changing for our 6 year old son and our family. Prior to going to Kinetic Edge our son had been having outbursts that ranged from sudden short-lived anger to raging fits that would last up to an hour. They seemed to come at times when he was hungry, tired or annoyed. 

 I also started noticing that his world seemed to be getting smaller. When he was very young, he was social and outgoing. As time went on, he no longer wanted to say hi or talk to anyone that he didn't know well. He would turn away from people when they spoke to him and refused to play with any new kids. I thought he was just being rude and needed some discipline.

That's when a friend of mine mentioned she had taken her son to Kinetic Edge and I'm so thankful she did. After I called Elise on the phone and explained to her what was happening, she immediately said she thought she could help. She was right. Elise and her staff know so much about helping kids with sensory issues. They also helped teach me how to recognize what causes sensory problems (which has helped me be more understanding with him). 

They are teaching him as well. Even though he’s only 6 years old, he is learning how to recognize when his engine is running too high and what to do to calm down. Not only are we learning to manage high stress times, we are seeing incredible improvement in the way he is responding socially. He loves school and he did not like school last year. He now goes out of his way to find a neighborhood friend to play with, and he has made new friends in the neighborhood and at school. Before going to Elise, he absolutely refused to play with the new neighbor kids and often had problems with current friends. He now will respond to adults when they ask him questions, and he often responds with full sentences and looks them in the eye. 

 Also, just this week, I am seeing improvement in his nighttime bedwetting, which Elise just showed me last week some things to do that should help with that specific issue. Wow! I just assumed this was something that we had to “wait out” as time would take care of it. I learn something new at every single appointment.

It has been an incredible blessing to work with Elise and realize that she has the knowledge and skills to help our child be the boy he was created to be. If you are having “behavioral” issues with your child, I would encourage you to just take the time to talk those things through with Elise. You may be like us and find out that help is available."

Wed, Aug 10th @ 9AM

via Zoom Call
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