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Real Solutions for Shoulder Pain
  • Do you suffer with shoulder pain when you lift or carry objects?
  • Do you have difficulty with shoulder pain when you lie down to sleep?
  • Does your shoulder pain suddenly spike when you reach for something?
  • ​Are you afraid your pain will get worse if you don't do anything?
If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, 
check out our free online workshop now!

The Truth About Shoulder Pain presented by Dr. Troy Vander Molen

Eliminate shoulder pain without expensive tests, medication, injections, or surgery 

Troy Vander Molen

"I went to Kinetic Edge because of decreased function in my left shoulder. After physical therapy treatment I now have the ability to do things that I had not been able to do for several years. The exercises strengthened the muscles so I could use them again."

- Jerry Trease

What You Will Learn From This Workshop...
Our Special Guest Will Cover The Truth About Shoulder Pain...
  • Why shoulder pain isn't usually a shoulder problem
  • ​Why arthritis is so often an explanation but really is no excuse for shoulder pain 
  • ​What traditional treatments for shoulder pain look like and why they are ineffective at solving the root problem 
  • ​The three most common causes of shoulder pain
  • ​A sure-fire way to pick the right treatment for the cause of your pain (which will save you a ton of time and money)
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